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Rabia M’Rabet Temsamani

Sobre mí


PhD (international mention) in Law (Public Law) from the University of Jaén. Master: Euro-Mediterranean Relations: Hispano-Moroccan Dimension from Abdel Malek Essaed University (Tangier Morocco) / International University of Andalusia (Spain) (French and Spanish language), Degree in Private Law (French language) from the Abdel Malek Essaedi University Faculty of Social Legal and Economic Sciences, Tangier (Morocco). Lecture in Master of International Relationship (International University of Andalucia/ Pablo Olavidé University) since 2017. Lecture at Course Eramus Mundus on maritime spatial planning at the University of Seville / International School, course taught in English in 2017. Lecture in Master of European Studies at the University de Sevilla 2018 as well as several degree courses.